The U-Liners, 2008, CD. This soulful CD is the first full-length release by Joe Uehlein and the U-Liners embodying the group's unique fusion of roots rock and Americana and featuring themes of hope, peace, justice and equality. The 17 tracks consist of a diverse mix of country, bluegrass and rhythm and blues, as well as the group's own versions of songs by folk and labor troubadours. Among the titles are "Three Weeks to Vegas," "I’ll Take a Melody," "Anna's Dance," "Dire Wolf," and Joe Glazer's labor classic, "The Mill Was Made of Marble." One of the U-Liners' original songs, "Down at the Half Moon Tonight," celebrates the food, music and atmosphere of a former favorite local haunt in the Washington, D.C., area, where the group is based and often performs.